Vacation: A Brief Escape from Reality

This past month, I took some time to go visit family and friends. The main reason of course was that my younger sister graduated from undergrad and is moving on to bigger and better things – not graduate school, ha! I am so proud of her and though the ceremony was slightly undignified (no fault … Continue reading Vacation: A Brief Escape from Reality


A Note About Therapy

Therapy can be extraordinarily beneficial. Any reason is a good enough reason to seek help if you feel you need it. Do not stifle your feelings because you feel other people have worse problems or any other reason your head comes up with. Originally, I just wanted someone that would listen to me without judgment. … Continue reading A Note About Therapy

Appointment #12

Attempt at a blog post: Round 2. Today was my last day of individual therapy via the university’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). To be honest, it was a great wrap-up and I am attempting to move forward without treatment – for now. While this is happening in the present, I feel you all deserve … Continue reading Appointment #12


Well hey there, stranger. Let me start by saying that I am super new to this whole blogging thing. When it was the “hip” new thing to start a blog, I was so not into it. Yet here I am. So this raises the question – why did I decide to do this? I’ve always … Continue reading Hello.

A Note About Grammar

I will not pay a serious amount of attention to it. Though I am a grammar freak in reality, this is an informal blog that is meant to be [hopefully] easily relatable. So, I will type as I think. Yes, this means sometimes I will start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction or use various … Continue reading A Note About Grammar